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Free resource list!

As I wind down my month of celebration, I’m still in a little bit of shock that this business, dreamed up in a windowless office at a very boring job, has taken on the life that it has, thanks in no small part, to our tribe of purpose-driven leaders. A quick note of motivation for you today:

No dream is impossible, no ideas are too crazy, and there’s almost always a way to make something work.

But if you need a little help making that dream happen, I have a handful of free resources for you today. In a little trip down memory lane, I combed through everything we’ve created and compiled the most popular resources that our purpose-driven leaders have read, downloaded, and loved!

  • 4 Finance Pros - take our brand new quiz to learn which finance people you need on your team Entrepreneurs: Take your quiz here! >>> NonProfits: Take your quiz here! >>>

  • Profit Playbook - a guide and Excel template to help you create a roadmap to greater impact and income, like a CFO

  • Storytelling with Financials - a free masterclass to help you analyze your nonprofit’s numbers (plus a free Financial Metrics Calculator)

  • Our Top Tools - the tried-and-true software that we swear by to keep the biz running

  • Quickbooks Review - my take on the best accounting system out there

  • FAQ - a classic if you’re new around here and want to know how we roll

PS - Reminder! We opened up a couple slots on our calendar before year-end for Strategy Sessions. If you need to pick the brain of a CFO for 30 minutes about anything and everything numbers, make sure to grab one here! >>>

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